The Novel and Movie of 

         "In Love With The Other Man"

The Novel

You don't want to miss out...On this twisted fiction novel. Four best friends gets over their obstacles and situations in life. Denise is an office manager and married to a wonderful man. Denise is madly in love with her husband and she will never jeopardized  their relationship. Denise is the peacemaker of the women. Keisha, an independent top real estate agent who was in a previous mental abusive relationship for 2 years. Keisha discontinued the relationship and realize that she doesn't need a man to live her life. She has her own things and live her life to the fullest. Liz, a married woman and a homemaker with three beautiful children. Liz never had a chance to live her life. Liz dedicated her life for her family and neglect to live for herself. Tonya, a nurse who still lives with her mother and her five years old daughter. Tonya  leaves all her responsibilities on her mother concerning her daughter. Tonya is a party animal and she does whatever she wants and doesn't care.. Who is going to be in love with the other man... 

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The Movie

NOTE: The movie is NOT for child or children. YOU MUST BE 18 AND UP..


This movie will have you on the edge of your sit.  Get ready to ride a emotional roller coaster. 

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